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Right now this search does not work.

  • But if you really want to search something and your life depends on it...
  • Take a look at the list.php
  • it takes the ?format= argument, where 1 is Standard, 2 is Extended, 3 is Block, 4 Legacy and 5 Vintage
  • it accepts the ?creator= argument. Just put your favorite deckbuilder behind it
  • it accepts the ?type= argument, you can see this in action my clicking on a Archetype in the format overview
  • it also accepts the ?mainboard= argument, to only show decks with a specific card in it.
  • Of course you can combine the arguments with the & operator.
  • Or: Just wait. This feature is on top of our priority list





(if you seperate cards by ; only decks with BOTH cards IN it will be shown. By default decks are shown that have ANY of them in it)

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